A win for Formula 1


عن إصابة ألونسو وغيابه عن سباق جائزة أوستراليا الكُبرى يوم اﻷحد المُقبل.

A Former F1 Doc Writes

No matter how you slice it, Fernando’s decision to not drive in Australia is a proof of his intelligence, maturity, and understanding of “the big picture”. My assumption is that he is suffering from concussion. Although there are curious elements in the story we’ve been told, if we “simply” put together a few relatively objective tidbits, they would appear to spell “concussion”:

  1. an impact to the head
  2. talk of loss of consciousness
  3. talk of retrograde amnesia (loss of memories of events BEFORE the trauma)

What we’re worried about is twofold. In order of importance this would be: concern about a driver whose brain was not functioning optimally at the helm of an F1 car, and concern about second impact syndrome.

(here are links to previous posts about concussion, or MTBI):



That’s why it’s crucial that all symptoms and signs (respectively subjective and objective) of concussion are totally resolved…

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