Hezbollah’s “Martyrs Foundation”


Money Jihad

Hezbollah is funded in large part by the Shia khums tax.  Iranian imams shakedown their parishioners for khums and transfer it to Hezbollah to pay shahids to kill Jews.

Hezbollah is also funded by affiliates around the world such as the Martyrs Foundation.  Matthew Levitt of the The Washington Institute for Near East Policy told Congress in 2007:

The “Martyr’s Organization” (Martyr Foundation, Bonyad-e Shahid), headed by Mohammad Hasan Rahimiyan, admittedly supplies charitable funds for the family of suicide bombers.  In 2001, Paraguayan police searched the home of Hezbollah operative Sobhi Mahmoud Fayad in Ciudad Del Este, a town along the Tri-Border area where the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet.  Searching Fayad’s home, police found receipts from the Martyr’s Organization for donations Fayad sent totaling more than $3.5 million dollars.  Authories believe Fayad sent over $50 million to Hezbollah since 1995.  According to press reports, Iran…

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